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University of Massachusetts, Amherst, extends partnership with NDUR for Athletes to support student athlete’s health & wellness.

Updated: Jan 31

NDUR for Athletes has announced today that the University of Massachusetts, Amherst has extended its partnership with NDUR for Athletes to expand its mental health and wellness support for student athletes. Nearly 100 athletes at the state’s flagship university adopted and used the NDUR app this past fall in its initial launch. The goal this semester is for all 693 varsity athletes to leverage the anonymous peer connections across NDUR’s fast growing and diverse cross-campus network of athletes, as well as its extensive educational resources and self-help tools. The company boasts a rapid adoption of student athletes at over 50 campuses across the United States.

UMASS Amherst athletic administration advocates for NDUR Amanda Knight, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Experience at UMASS had this to say about the NDUR for Athletes model: “mental health is important to me, whether personally or dealing with my student athletes and how they feel. There are several gadgets out there, NDUR is a positive one leveraging an app for positivity for our athletes to be okay. Working with the NDUR team (all former NCAA athletes with long careers in athletic administration, training, and coaching) has been great and easy because the individuals care about student-athletes. A lot of times it’s because we all had personal experiences related to mental health challenges as former student-athletes and the dire need for this app, as we know the importance of peer-to-peer interaction. I am excited that our students have an opportunity to share their stories anonymously, learn about other student-athletes and their stories, and how to best cope with certain situations. And, having the ability to access resources right in their hands knowing how important cell phones are to our students is of huge value”.

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