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NDUR Community Support Model Aligns with Layered Care of Support Model Mandated by the NCAA.

Updated: Feb 25

NDUR for Athletes' comprehensive health and wellness solution for college athletics, is built on a Community Support and multi-tiered support model, that leverages both education and a proprietary technology designed to instantly connect student athletes, and athletic staff to a suite of support services, which includes crisis escalation pathways. NDUR’s model aligns with the newly updated Best Practices and Layered Care of Support Model released by the NCAA in late 2023, and mandated for Division 1 programs by November 2025.

NDUR's “off the shelf”, customizable technology solution is designed to help any institution from very small D3 programs with limited budget, to large D1 programs. Our team can quickly and affordably implement a layered care model without any strain on internal resources. Let's work together to integrate a direct conduit between athletic departments, CAPS, student affiars, and student athlete’s, all designed with one common goal: to promote and suppport emotional wellbeing and overall student success.

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