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Our Mentors 

Our team of recent college graduates and professional athlete mentors provide highly relatable experiences from their college and pro careers. This unique perspective is a valuable resource for current high school or college athletes at any stage of their athletic journey. 

Live Panel Discussions

Our mentors regularly host live discussions where athletes can intract, ask questions and gain valuable insight. 

Mentor Hosted Chat

Our mentors host chat groups on NDUR where athletes can join continuous authentic discussions.

Team Presentations

Schedule a presentation for your athletes to hear real life experiences and stories from professional athletes 


"When I had to deal with a personal issue that was overwhelming and impacted my performance on the field, the Revolution supported me with access to a therapist. It took weeks to arrange and wasn't effective. I found relief through group therapy, just like the NDUR community is doing, but with NDUR it's right in my back pocket, 24/7."

New England Revolution
University of Maryland
Co-Captain, Class of 2019



"As a young man just 18 years old, coming into a Big 10 football program brought along with it a number of mental health challenges. Including losing a teammate to heat stroke my junior year. Myself and the team struggled with the loss, and NDUR is just what we needed at the time to help manage and overcome these challenges and feelings of isolation."

University of Maryland
Co-Captain, Class of 2019



"The ability to connect anonymously with my peers is the most important thing to me about the NDUR app. I feel comfortable opening up about my issues and listening to other athletes who are experiencing the same things as me. The community aspect of NDUR is exactly what we need to help overcome the pressures of performing both on and off the field."

Rochester Institute of Technology
Co-Captain, Class of 2021



"It would have been great to have an app like NDUR during my college years to seek support from other student athletes who faced similar challenges on and off the court. Mental health should be more of a priority for college kids. "

Babson College
Co-Captain, Class of 2016

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