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Changing the Game in Student-Athlete Wellness With Simple and Affordable Innovation.

Affordable for ALL Institutions

The NDUR Community is affordable for all Institutions. Your athletes get access to the entire community and valuable resources on day one!

No Work or Strain on Your Team

Our dedicated and passionate team of professionals does all the work, from creating on-campus awareness to keeping your athletes engaged.

No Integration and Onboarding Is Simple

Implementation requires no internal IT resources. Onboarding your student-athletes is as simple as scanning a QR code.

Supports All of Your Current Mental Health and Wellness Services

Our holistic approach is not intended to replace a clinical counseling model but to add an enhanced layer of support to your current programs, providing athletes with an alternative on-demand support model and resources at their fingertips.

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What You and Your Athletes Get With NDUR:

  • The NDUR Community App: your athletes get 24/7 access to a cross-campus community of athletes, educational resources, live events, and more.

  • Proactive Outreach and Support: Effective and automated alerts and reminders keep student-athletes engaged, making wellness as much a part of a daily routine as academics or performance training.

  • Actionable Data: Reporting and analytics to identify mental health and wellness challenges trends, driving decision-making to improve your overall student-athlete wellness programs.

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