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NDUR's Leadership Program

Become an NDUR Student Leader

Help us build a community supporting mental health and wellness, built for athletes by athletes, by participating as an on-campus student leader.

Join the NDUR team to help manifest change and eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health and wellness.


With your help, we can spread student-athlete mental health awareness to all and proactively support athletes around the country.

You will work directly with the NDUR team to provide resources and skills to reach students across your campus and beyond. We will provide guidance on launching the NDUR Community on your campus and ensure you are equipped with the best practices, resources, and skills needed to grow a successful program and gain campus-wide adoption of NDUR.

Hear What Our Student Leaders Are Saying

What We Are Looking For

You must be a current varsity athlete enrolled in a College or University. We seek individuals passionate about student-athlete health and wellness education and support.


 You must be able to dedicate a few hours per week to helping to grow the NDUR community and drive student-athlete engagement on the app. This could include the use of social media and other channels/resources.

• Lead at least 1 meeting per month (we encourage more!) on your campus..

• Lead or participate in 2 educational workshop activities per semester.

• Attend monthly calls to connect with other NDUR Leaders (led by the NDUR Student Leader Director.)

• Amplify and disseminate resources, presentations, ideas, and your own content on behalf of NDUR.


Identify, set, and achieve goals regarding how you will help gain athlete adoption on your campus.

  • Running booths at on-campus athletic and mental health awareness events.

  • Building a presence at sporting events and/or Greek life events.

  • Posting on NDUR and your social media.

  • Brainstorming ideas to drive awareness and increase NDUR visibility, adoption, and engagement on campus.

  • Providing feedback on NDUR.

What Is in It for You?

  • Help build a Leadership network on your campus and others, and manage your own team.

  • Build your network with other like-minded athletes across multiple campuses.

  • Learn how to plan and run on-campus events.

  • Develop and hone your presentation skills: public speaking, pitching, and creating presentations for your group.

  • Learn teamwork, leadership skills, recruitment skills, meeting facilitation, motivating and managing peers.

  • Build your resume with a unique work experience.

  • Future opportunities with NDUR.

Become an NDUR Student Leader

Submit the SIGN-UP FORM, and our NDUR Leadership Program Director, Phoebe Day, will reach out to you.  Phoebe is a recent Boston College graduate who played for 4 years on the BC Women's Lacrosse Team and was on the National Championship team in 2021. She is a passionate mental health and wellness advocate and excited to meet you and share her passion with you!

Please share this sign-up page with teammates and friends on other teams, whether on your campus or other campuses. Help us build the NDUR Community!

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