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How Does NDUR Support Your Athletes?

NDUR is the community app that supports health and wellness exclusively for college athletes.


  • Connects college athletes ANONYMOUSLY across campuses.

  • Facilitates authentic and open conversations in a judgement free space.

  • Provides athletes self-help tools, and personalized educational content.

  • Provides instant access to campus support services through your college's customized branded site.

  • Proactively supports "on-the-go" athletes with daily reminders and notifications.


  • Helps athletes prioritize mental health and wellness as part of their daily routine.

  • Creates valuable peer connections that support athletes every day of their college journey.

  • Helps athletes open up about their mental health and well-being.

  • More effective communications to athletes, directly on their phones.

  • Valuable insight on the overall wellness of your athletes, allowing you to identify trends and adjust areas of focus.

Learn how NDUR can support your athletes AND your institution.

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